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When should you find a Tutor to help?

When is the BEST TIME to seek the services of a professional tutor? Well for many of us, we find out the hard way that the best time to seek the services of a private tutor is yesterday! I've learned from over 13 years experience in the education field that the best advice I can give to parents is to find a tutor before you start to see problems come up. If a child has deficiencies in either Reading, Writing, or Math the longer you wait, the more these deficiencies will continue to build and the student will get farther and farther behind, not to mention declining self-esteem and self-confidence because all of his/her classmates are progressing and he/she is continuing to struggle more and more each day. So, please, please, please be PROACTIVE and get help before small issues turn into larger issues. Don't wait until it's too late!

To further emphasize this proactive approach, I can't tell you how many times my students have told me what it feels like when a teacher introduces a new topic in Social Studies or Math and they already know it, BEFORE the teacher teaches it and before everyone else in the class! My students have told me that when this happens often times the teacher will have them go to the board and teach the rest of the class the new topic! I wish you could see my students' glowing faces when they tell me. That's why I do what I do!!

I try to get parents to visualize what that feels like for their son or daughter to be sitting in class and already know a topic as the teacher is teaching it. Talk about a boost in self-confidence!!